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Posted on: April 17, 2006


Monday was vacation day for us. We drove to Freestone, some good 60 miles from Berkeley to visit Wild Flour Bread Bakery. They have very good sticky bun and cheese fougasse, which came hot from the oven and we ate them right in the parking lot, by their picnic table. We then drove southwest in search of Marshall and Hog Island Oysters. Sad but predictable, we found their sign “closed – too much rain!” We drove further south, down by Point Reyes Station, walked up and down their 4 blocks’ worth of town. We found Station House Café, and, inspite of our carb overdose for the day, proceeded to order lunch (ugh, after 2/3 of a fougasse + 1/2 of a sticky bun). Son had Johnson Farm fried oysters with chips and coleslaw (slaws and chips were good), I had New England clamchowder (excellent) and Hog Island clams baked in wine sauce and butter (not so great, Son’s clams are still the best). We sat right next to the water fountain, I took a picture of it – the one and only scenic photo of this little getaway. The other 4 photos were mostly food and Son eating food. I’m not keen on taking pictures while going on trips.

As we were lazily lunching next to a water fountain in the cafe’s garden, I told Son this is what I want from life – just feeling free. Even if it means being relatively poor and not having things others have, it would be worth it for me to achieve a slow, continuous pace of life. Let’s not worry too much about investments, I said to Son. We’ll manage somehow, like we’ve always managed and lived in the shaddow of wants for so long, but have never succumbed to despair nonetheless. All things come and go. Our time will come and go, but freedom will stay if it’s a state of mind.


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