i know what you mean!

our neighbor, the bullshitter…

Posted on: September 1, 2006

addendum (09/05/2006): Picture has now been added to record this significant Saturday:  For 15 bucks or maybe less, you get this tablefull of food from the farmer’s market.  The tomatoes are especially good, sweet juicy crunchy tomatoes, they run for $2.00/lb.  Okras are dirt cheap, at $1.00/lb.  The giant squash looking like some anime UFO is from my boss’ family garden.  She gave each of us one piece to marvel at.  now back to the loud talking guy.

Loud talking guy next door (not in our complex, but the next one over) is still yapping to some woman about the physionomy of men vs. women, how women are built to have waists and men are built to have shoulders.  Men are also built to have balls so that they can shut the f$%! up at night you know, and get some action going on or something.  Apparently this guy didn’t get that part, so we have been suffering through his bullshits ever since he had moved in.  He distracted me enough to close “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and drag myself into the next room, so late at night, and type up profanities.  Image
I also found out that Oliver had just added me to his YM, you know, Oliver, that beautiful beautiful Jamaican boy back in 2000.  He was so pretty back then, sometimes I drove past Old Navy and wondered what has become of him.  He’s truly truly model material, and he dressed well.  His manerisms were gentle and exotic, his accent adorable, except we didn’t have much in common after I finished drooling over him.  And then Son came to distract me, so bye bye Oliver.  I still think he’s one of the best men that came to my life, simply because he didn’t tell me lies, didn’t break my heart, and was always sweet through and through.  Let’s hope I can ask him for a photo so I can post it here for your viewing pleasures, he’s really really pretty, I promise.


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