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September 05, 2006

Posted on: September 5, 2006

yesterday was spent doing tons of stuffs, but the result doesn’t look to obvious.  I can see how a 50’s housewife can go mad.  Ironing is superduper evil, I hate it, the more I ironed, the more pissed I got at the entire idea of ironing.  That and maybe because I didn’t have an ironing board, so the whole time, I was floating on our bed, with the iron tipping at any moment.  The good thing is, it probably killed off all the germs on our bedsheets.  If they were there, since the iron’s setting was “high with steam.” 

We went to dimsum in the morning with Ron’s mom, an energetic old lady in her 70’s, and you wouldn’t guess, because she’s extremely sharp, young looking, and healthy.  By her gait, you’d think she’s 50.  It was fun screaming at each other with the speakers playing Enya songs with Chinese instruments (I think it’s that group of 30 young Taiwanese girls who have been touring around the world). 

Afterward, I got home, took one look at my poor lemon plant and mounted a full war on the goddamn mealy bugs.  I HATE mealy bugs, goddamn parasites.  So I was at it from 12:30-4:30ish, pruning the lemon tree, killing the mealy bugs leaf by leaf (q-tip with rubbing alcohol).  Not only were they on the leaf, they were on every single conceivable place, including branches and thorns!  If only the lemon tree didn’t have thorns, my poor hands.  While I was at it, I cleanned up the whole area, getting rid of dead plants, spliting the chilipepper plants, repotting some other ones, threw out some buckets, adding fertilizer to some pots…  According to “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” the nitrogen in artificial fertilizers are what attract all sorts of pests.  I believe it.  My mom and I used to keep our vegetable gardens for years, and she still keeps hers right now.  Never had to touch any fertilizers, never had an outbreak of insects like aphids to the destructive degree that I have witnessed these past 3 years.  I mean, one little poor plant could have hundreds of those green suckers on EACH leaf.  I killed about 90% of them this past weekend, and will get the rest of them eventually.  Someone said I can get most pests including aphids with rubbing alcohol mixed with water, 1:1 ratio.  I think it might work, since alcohol quickly evaporates and doesn’t leave residues.  We’ll see.

Afterward, I went inside, started a few loads of laundry, made dinner, ate, read some more Omnivore’s, and fell asleep.  Later I woke up, finished the laundry, started to iron Son’s shirts and pants, getting more pissed by the hour because house chores do that to me.  Folded and put away all the stuffs, cleaned up the bed room, vacuumed, did a little dusting, then hissed at Son when he tried to talk to me.  Late at night, I cleaned up the cat’s literbox, washed up, finished preparing lunches for Tuesday, and went to bed.  All that works got me wide awake until 2ish.  Woke up this morning at 7, went to the farmer’s market before catching the BART to work.   Now I’m sitting in my cubicle dealing out produce and falling asleep. zzzzzzzzzzz


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