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Posted on: September 6, 2006

Berkeley bowl has about 9 different brands of eggs.  Most of them are cage free, free range, no hormones, veggie-fed, blah blah blah so and so.  You have Horizon Eggs, corporation so and so in Colorado.  Their eggs have been looking lacklustered these days, the yolk pale and sad, right in the middle of this warm season.  At least they seem straightforward enough.  Then you have Fullerton something egss, which have 3,4 different types, most tend to be omega-3 fortified something something.  That’s fine, at least they are identifiable by cartons as one producer.  Then you have Chino Hills farm with their cage free vegan fed chicken, blah blah.  Then you have Judy’s family farm organic eggs, with pictures of happy chickens roaming around.  Then you have Rock Island something something egg, looking like they are from the east coast, but hails from Sonoma county.  Then Petaluma Farms eggs.  Then Uncle Eddie’s Wild Hens eggs, with some quaint quote on the carton saying something like “Where are the good old days?  These times are moving too fast for me, I just want to raise chicken…” or something like that, you get the idea. 

I think the last 4 brands all belong to Petaluma Farms.  I checked the side of the cartons, which printed the plant number, and all 4 brands have the same plant number. Their hens are cage free, but they are not roaming around on green pastures.  I just hate the idea of being manipulated, you know?  Lucky I have been suspicious from the start (communist education! anything that sounds too good to be true are probably bullshits) so I don’t feel like I got suckered.  But I hate it.  Petaluma Farms, when will you stop treating us like idiots?

Pictured above has no eggs.  It’s Pinakbet.  My boss showed me how to make that dish too, it’s pretty good but not as good as hers.  It has string beans, okra (MUST USE UP OKRA NOW!!), bittermelon, chili, onions, tomatoes, yams, mushrooms…


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