i know what you mean!

will NOT be doing that again for a while …

Posted on: September 8, 2006

using green thai chili peppers as replacements for halapeno peppers when cooking stirfried dishes with string beans is not a good idea.  I just ate one that sent me hiccuping like mad, that was painful.  Whereas big halapenos are recognizable after everything is cooked, green thai chilis just look like innocent pieces of chopped string beans.  Until it’s too late.

Also, i will not chop ginger into tiny bits anymore.  I will either pulverize them, or just cut them in big chunks so that I can easily pick them out and toss while eating.  Chopping them into bits makes for a very unpleasant eating experience when you get down to the bottom of the dish, it renders the remaining sauce inedible, since I’m not too crazy about eating ginger that way.

Other than that, I have single mouthedly consummed the entire 4 quarts or so of Pinakbet.  Son doesn’t like it.  It’s all gone now, yum.

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