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Posted on: September 10, 2006

I’ ve confirmed for the 1000th time that I absolutely hate american breakfasts.  I don’t know why it is that every once in a while, I’m overcome with romantic ideas about eggs and pancakes with bacons and toasts, only to be feeling sick and nauseous for the rest of the afternoon.  Yuck.  Frenchtoasts – yuck.  Eggs – yuck.  Pancakes – yuck.  Bacons – double yuck.  Same thing goes for omelets, homemade potatoes, waffles, oatmeals, biscuits, english muffins.  I have eaten them at Denny’s and everywhere else, mom and pop, fancy Jimmy Beans, hole in the wall Jodies… You name them, I have eaten them, and the response is still the same.  I don’t know what that thing in me is called, that wired impulse that sometimes seizes me with the desire to eat something I absolutely hate.  Two weeks ago, it was roasted chicken.  I bought roasted chicken only to realize that I hate roasted chicken, and Son nicely ate the whole thing to save me from further agony.  Then there’s fried chicken.  Which I also hate.  I hate fried chicken, but I would call that dish, and would eat, and then feel sick.  Please kick me.  Oh yeah, this morning I had an American breakfast at Raphael’s Cafe.  Horrible.  Tasteless.  A waste of $20.

Tonight for dinner, I stirfried the pumpkin vines with beef, but we ended up trying to finish Friday’s left overs, so we didn’t get to the vines.  For tomorrow,  I stirfried some chowmein with veggies.  Made some bittermellon salads.  Made some sponge-squash soup with saluyot.  This is a superduper slimy soup, I guess by Japanese standards, that would make this soup superduper healthy.  All the veggies were purchased at Saturday’s farmers’ market.  I actually took some pictures, intending to keep track of what I buy weekly from there, but you know, when I went to upload the pictures last night, the camera had none!  I don’t know if I erased the 3 pictures by accident, or is my camera asking for retirement.  How sad.

Last week I was having a hard time with canker sores that would not go away, and it was like that for 6,7 days.  I ate bittermelon for 2 days, and the old canker sore and a newly developing one were both gone within those two days.  I used to get pretty confused about picking bittermelon, thinking that the greenest ones are youngest, hence less bitter.  WRONG.  Greener ones are the ones that are getting old, and after they have finished turning so green, they would promptly turn into yellow, which make them uber bitter.  Man, no wonder I had such a hard time eating them.  Now the rule is: pick the ones that have the lighter green color, like whitish green, those are less bitter.



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