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ants blah blah steam vacuum blah ants ants, rubbing alcohol ….

Posted on: September 11, 2006

I’m waging a full scale war with those little fckers.  After nicely allowing them 4 days to move the heck out of my living room, and seeing that they were enjoying themselves there just fine, I am now at war.  Because the cat is in the house, I’m a bit tied down.  My weapons of mass destruction of choice are: my trusty eureka vaccum and about 3 gallons of rubbing alcohol.  Mix 50-5o solution of alcohol and water in a spray bottle and I’m good to go.  At first I was just simply vacuuming the ants off their trails (on my living room’s wall), but that didn’t seem to deter them one bit.  So now it’s spray, spray, vacuum, spray spray, vacuum, spray some more…  I have to vacuum them off the wall so that I can go after the live ones, other wise it’s hard to see.  Target sells the cheapest rubbing alcohol around here.  Small bottle is $0.77 and bulk size bottle is $1.58.  Drugstores sell their small bottles for $1.50, quite irritating.

I’ve also managed to use Ky’s steam vacuum at last, gave my living room carpet a thorough wash.  Also, due to cat in the house, the cleaning solution of choice was club soda, followed by baking soda mixed in hot water.  That seems to have done the job quite nicely, I urge you to try that before spending money buying chemicals that might kill your precious germs under the carpet.  I can’t wait until the ants go away, I’m quite sick of seeing them for more than 1 week already.   Time for bed, zzzzzzzzzz


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