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Posted on: September 13, 2006


I’m willing this little house into being mine.  Sheer will power.  Everyday I pass by it, I send out invisible beams of will so that one day it can be mine.  You might laugh if you see it, because by appearance, it’s nothing to write home about.  The house is old and looks its age … hmmm… I’d say about 79 years.  It’s shacky looking.  Like a shack.  It’s small, about 2 bed 1 bath, with about 3-4 feet of front yard space.  No lawn, just weeds and wild pine-like plant creeping everywhere before its current occupant cut down 3/4 of the stuffs, making it look much more civilized.  The roof you see immediately next to it, on your right side, is the roof of its detached garage – a garage with incredibly high roof that blocks out the right side neighbor, giving this little house 80% privacy – that’s why I’m crazy about it.  No one will have to hear my screaming fits that make me look like an abusive wife.  One time I opened the door and my neighbor was standing right there, so I said “you know, all the screaming you hear is directed towards my cat to deter him from jumping onto the stove, I don’t abuse my husband.”  Neighbor said “Of course!”

There’s something about the house that makes me fall in love with it more and more every day.  Maybe it’s because I have invested so much beams of will power into it.  Maybe it’s because of its big backyard overgrown with weeds and hip-high grasses.  Or the way the little ricketty gate hangs between the house and the garage, shutting out passerby’s view into the back yard.  Or the way the loquat tree stands by the garage, growing taller and taller these past 3 years.  The lemon trees right behind the gate, next the garage’s wall.  The fig tree, the big banana tree, and another fruit tree surrounding the house in the back, so that there’s shade all around the house.  The way the tall lines of aspen and magnolia trees growing along the fence, separating the house from its left side neighbor, and most importantly, shrouding the west side of the house in cool swaying shade at 5 o’clock in the summer.  Imagine that, not having to hate the sun for being so hot at that time of the day.  The sound of leaves quietly shuffling in the wind.  The way the tall lanky birch infront of the house casts its shaddow onto the roof of the garage under the hot sun.  I’ve always wanted to have a house surrounded by trees on a quiet unglamourous street.  This one fits the bill, probably at the price of 1/2 million, if I get lucky.

I’m keeping an eye on it, every day.  The banana tree in the back is in its fully glory right now, its broad leaves are yet tattered by the wind and chills of winter.  I have had the luck of getting what I wanted so far in life.  And I always knew what I wanted.  Now I want that house, that unglamorous shacky looking house.  Let’s just hope that it’s not infested with roaches and the foundation is not turning into sand due to termites or whatnot.



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