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Spanish primmer

Posted on: September 14, 2006

– so Son, I’ll give you a headstart for tomorrow’s class.  The ar verbs are conjugated with “o” for yo, “as” for tu, “a” for ella, “amos” for nosotros, and “an” for ellas, get that??
– …
– then for er verbs, it’s “o” then “es” then “e” then “emos” then “en” see?  For ir verbs, it’s “o” then “es” then “e” then “imos” then “en” or something like that…
– …
– the verb tenir is cool, you can always say “no tengo….” and whatever, to show them that you don’t wanna fight, like “no tengo dinero…” “no tengo casa…” “no …”
– and if you really want to fight with them you say “no tengo…
– … tu madre
– right
– right.  Aren’t you glad we are a likeminded couple?

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