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i lost my wallet =((

Posted on: September 17, 2006

how sad, my coconut planter union bank of the phillipines wallet is lost today somewhere on the platform of El Cerrito Plaza BART.  I’m very very sad because it was something that could have been prevented, just a stupid mistake and now wallet is gone.  I was using my new small backpack, which only has one compartment for everything, so inevitably, when I was pulling my sweater out of it to find my bottle of water, the wallet must have fallen out.  Saaaad.  So now I have to get my new cards and ID’s and not to mention, a few BART tickets that add up to $150+ in value were also in that wallet, tickets for Son to go to SF for his rotation in October.  Hic.  This day is a sad day.

An is now here with me for the week, and she brought the second cat up, his nick name is “crippled.”  He stank and was just very sorry looking in general, dirty and sticky and icky, so we clipped his nails, gave him a shave, and then a bath.  He was wailing the whole time, especially when we tossed him into the bathtub filled with warm water.  The swimming suit that I bought 4 years ago (never wore) was tried on for the first time today to give that cat a bath.  An was in my other swimming suit.  That’s how we bathed the cat.  Now the cat smells good, and looks kinda ugly, but not yucky.  Pictures will follow when I feel less sad about my missing wallet.  And the saddest part is coming to terms with the idea that someone out there actually would take all my stuffs without ever turning them in, not caring that I run frantically around looking for a fake leather brown wallet… hic.


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