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portrait of my personal slave

Posted on: September 21, 2006

An woke up today to scrub my bathroom for me.  Then she scrubbed the kitchen too, and cleared the table & counter.  After that, she cleaned my living room and vacuumed.  Then she took the BART & walk to my orthodontist’s office to pick up my lost&found wallet for me.  She should be walking back toward my office right now, after which I will buy her a burrito to eat, and maybe send her off to pick up a cake…

The good news about the wallet is someone mailed it back to the orthodontist, and it arrived today.  The not so good news is all money (I think about 3,4 bucks) and BART tickets (about $150+) were taken.  So I’m starting to save up money to buy BART tickets a new.  An thinks that the kind lady who sent wallet back must have picked it up after someone else had gone through my wallet and took all valuables.  Miku!

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