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somebody is always going somewhere

Posted on: October 3, 2006

Half of my blogroll is pretty much dead.  These links  used to burst with gossips and live stories and wisdoms, nowadays they are just quiet.  Once in a while, a line of two shows up, just for old time’s sake.  My blog is definitely guilty of this phenomenon.  There were years that I had, like, 3 posts, followed by days where I had more than 3 posts.  My blog was revived in 2005 due to the development of yahoo 360 and flickr.  Posting pictures of food and cats was fun, for a while.  Then friends connected to me, and updating them about my life was fun, too, for a while.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll get bored soon, and leave my blog dried out just like my pitas blog.  Vox sent me an invitation last week, so now I’m no Vox too, so if 360 ever dries out, you can find me on Vox.

Somebody is always going somewhere on blogs.  It’s me, it’s you, it’s them, or all of us.  There were blogs I used to check first thing every day.  And then a few months later, I come wonder if I should just remove those same blogs from my list since I no longer read them.  Some of them have not changed, they have not gotten boring, the quality has not gone down.  I just get bored.   Bloggers  move to  different geographical locations, that’s enough to bore me.  Especially bloggers moving out of Viet Nam.  Most of my VietNam bloggers have moved out of VietNam.  I should just delete them now, since I don’t care for them personally, I just care about the pictures and personal observations they have about Vietnam.

half of my blogroll is dead.  Somebody is always going somewhere, and I lose sight of them on the web.  It’s not something sad.  It’s just something to behold, this constant coming and going of abstractions.


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