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Posted on: October 15, 2006

I found Maika through google video, sent the link to An and both of us proceeded to watch for the rest of the night on Saturday. I must have watched this movie off and on as a child – hmm… about … 4 times. Or maybe more. It’s one of those communist childhood experience that one can reminisce with fondness. Maika was, for us old timers, what children today would consider … hmmm… Britney Spears or maybe the Olsen Twins. Or maybe Sailor Moon? An idol for children to love and behold in awe.

Well, watching the old footage was an experience. I couldn’t help but comparing the adult me (now) watching the movie and the memories and impressions of the child me (back then). For one thing, Maika was in color last night. In my childhood memory, Maika was always in black and white, without exception. I watched through the part where Maika walked on water, and I felt like a machine. Nothing stirred in me, the way I used to be stirred as a child. I had to refer to my black & white memory for that footage in black & white, and I remember the magical sensations of seeing maika standing there, white hair and grey gossamer wings, looking down at the boy swimming around her. There were sparks behind her head, white sparks, which were magical, unlike the firework sparks that they appeared to be in technicolor. Another footage where I have distinct memory, an absolute “Maika moment” you might say, is the part where the two boys took her to grandma’s house to ask for some clothes, and the old lady, thinking that it was some indecent pranks, proceeded to chase them out with a stick. Maika, naturally, started to walk up the wall, cross the ceiling up-side-down, and walked through the door, still up-side-down. That was the Maika moment for me, something that I will always refer back to remember how magical my childhood was, how Maika was an absolutely beautiful being, without a doubt. That moment did not come alive when I saw the same footage last night. The scene occured and finished, and then suddenly, I had to say to myself “right, that was THE Maika scene.” Odd.


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