i know what you mean!


Posted on: October 23, 2006

on hints…

– i don’t get it
– if you love me, you would have gotten it
– well I don’t get it because I don’t understand and I don’t understand because you are not my soul mate, An is, remember?
– if you have tried you would have understood, i have given you many hints.
– right, try my ass, huh?  It also gives out hints.  Of shit – Ha ha ha ha
– and now you turn it into something amusing, thấy chưa, see what I mean?  I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you and you just …
– you just wish you have some good come-back line to match my wits!

on chinese astrology…

– your sign is thìn, which stands for dragon, got that?
– yeah… [he remembered what I’ve told him in the past] so i’m a fish born to a frying pan huh? why is that?
– well, your element is yang, and supposedly you were born to a yin environment, so it’s more like a fire in a lake, you know what I mean?
– not really, I don’t know what you mean
– you are a Windows application on a MAC OS, see?  You tend to crash. You two are not made for each other
– no, Windows on MAC OS tend to do fine, it’s more like an Apple application on a PC that crashes a lot.
– Right, you’re like Quicktime, which crashed on me, yup.

stuffs that we say to each other just so we can exhaust ourselves and fall asleep.


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