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not writing because …

Posted on: October 26, 2006

i slammed the filing cabinet against my finger, making typing difficult
i then cut my hand while cooking dinner because I was holding the tomato weird due to the the bruised finger
so no chatting much, not writing much.  until today that is.
today i’m not writing because there isn’t much to say.  that is, there are a lot to say but no point in saying them because it won’t make a difference.  The issue that sits on top of it all is that i sent off my absentee balot last evening, and i voted without any faith whatsoever, and that was hard.  To elect someone i dislike and have no faith in (both candidates are equally repugnant, not that the other guy is better than this guy) just because i think it might be easier for the party to move forward.  and it’s important for the party to move forward because I think it might save a few lives in the end, more lives than what the current party can do.  it’s straight partyline voting, and I’m not proud of it.

as a side note: first fruit of the season sucks!  California Navel orange are sour like craps grown on the curbside of tram’s house.  At least hers are free.


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