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November 14, 2006

Posted on: November 14, 2006

our apt is a mess right now because the bathtub/shower and the bath room floor are in the process of being replaced.  There’s an old bathtub next to the entrance into our apt, and a new bathtub sitting in the middle of our living room.  Hopefully the guys will get that thing installed tonight.  The cats are NOT liking the new daytime living arrangements.  Crippled is his usual timid self, and seems to handle being locked away in our office (his usual hangout)fairly well.  Fatty, on the other hand, is a complete nightmare, to both himself and me (and anyone else involved).  He clawed our carpet trying to open the bedroom door (we keep him in his separate room to prevent 2 cats from fighting, and also because our bedroom has 2 big windows to help entertain him), then there’s the direct banging on the door trying to bust it open or something, and then there’s the “Pity me I’m a prisoner” yeowling.  Finally there’s the “I’M SUCH A COMPLETE ASS, I DESERVE TO GET MY ASS KICKED” meowing off and on throughout the day.  I can only guess how much time he plans on screaming, since I’m mostly away at work.  I only know that I got home last night around 5, the apt was wide open, our handyman was yelling irritably in Cantonese into his cellphone about materials and whether certain type would work or not, and on top of that, my cat lovely screaming echoed out from our bed room.

My kind coworker is lending us the spare keys to his apt so that we can take our daily showers.  Son laments how he no longer has access to the USDA, which is 3 minutes’ drive away, and has a brand new shower facility.   We got home from our showers last night at 11 to find a big van parked in our parking space.  The van didn’t belong to anyone in our fourplex, so suddenly I felt threatened.  What kind of criminal would blatantly park their huge van into a clearly designated parking spot – almost a private garage – and what other sick things would they do next ?? In the end Son and I decided to just let it go for the night, just to see what will happen.  My guess was that the van belonged to some clueless parents with children, not a criminal, so I felt sorry for them.  Son parked behind the van, and I left a note letting them know that the spot is ours, please move the van by Tuesday morning.

Sometimes past midnight, people from the next door fourplex came knocking.  The guy said his cousin was visiting from out of town and parked in our spot by mistake.  She seemed to be genuinely apologetic so that was that.  At least it’s not the work of some freak who lives next to us  knowingly invading our space.  That’s pretty much how life goes for us up here.


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