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November 21, 2006

Posted on: November 20, 2006

idlehouse: you heard fatty ???
idlehouse: super quiet last night
idlehouse: SUPER
idlehouse: me = Image
idlehouse: why so ngoan ??
idlehouse: and then …ImageImageImageImageImage
idlehouse: CON KHO^’N NA.N
idlehouse: YOU JERK !!
idlehouse: Son ho^’t hoa?ng
idlehouse: “what happened ? what’s wrong ???”
thadieu: man
idlehouse: then me chasing me`o
thadieu: he’s getting VERY lo^.ng ha`nh dear
thadieu: VERY
idlehouse: saying “you are a horrible cat!”
idlehouse: ya
thadieu: but it’s better to just hide food dear
idlehouse: clawed through everything now
idlehouse: Image
thadieu: HIDE!
idlehouse: ca`o na’t ddo^`
thadieu: ja, getting very frantic
idlehouse: me did !
idlehouse: into jar now
idlehouse: then last night
thadieu: he might eat your eyes!
idlehouse: tried to open tu?
idlehouse: tu? nga(n ke’o you hear
idlehouse: it’s not just doors !
idlehouse: TU? !!
idlehouse: and tried to grab FISH FOOD
thadieu: man
idlehouse: which he had on 2 occasions
idlehouse: managed to open
idlehouse: and took bags out
idlehouse: and ate all of my fish food
idlehouse: ME FISH STARVED !
thadieu: u need plastic containers
thadieu: w/ LOCKS!
thadieu: u want SAFE
idlehouse: why don’t you
idlehouse: BUY ME
idlehouse: THAT WALMART
idlehouse: SAFE !
thadieu: with combinations!
idlehouse: fireproof !
thadieu: Image


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