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Posted on: November 29, 2006

Two nights in a row that our cat has been meowing smoke.  It’s easy for us to see our own breath in cold weather, but with cats it’s a bit tricky, because they breathe more discretely.  I saw Fatty doing the evil smoky breath before (2 years ago?), that time he freaked me out, because he meowed at me and I saw smoke.  Now I know better.  Two nights ago, I was bringing cups of hot honey lemon tea into our bed, and as I handed the cup to Son, I said “Here you go,” and saw the smoke doubled.  Hmmm… I blew the air, but still could not tell for sure if I was breathing out smoke or it was just my teacup.  So I call the cat over, Fatty came running.  “Meow?” I asked him.  “Meow…?” he replied.  And puffed out some smoke in that breath. I giggled and said “Son, Son, look at our cat”  Son looked.  “Meow meow?” I said.  “Meow,” the cat responded, simultaneously puffing out another breath of smoke. Soooooo cute.  We were at it for a while, the cat and I.  I think that’s how the poors entertained themselves in the old days too.

Current household population count:  2 people, 2 cats, 2 fishes.  The black algae eater died, most probable cause of death: water temperature too cold.  I was sad, that’s why I didn’t want to think about it for 2 weeks.  Until now.  Still bummed.  On the other hand, the goldfish that was looking so sick when An was here sprung back miraculously, and now he’s quite healthy.  Could be a she.

zzzzzzzzz … I’m still sick …. Son’s still sick … zzzzzzz

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