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Entry for December 06, 2006

Posted on: December 5, 2006

idlehouse: ma`o ma`o ma`o
thadieu: super zi` li’p pi` dear
thadieu: need to zz oily
idlehouse: did you send moi dvd ???
thadieu: ma.o
thadieu: not yet!
thadieu: how about me send saturday?
thadieu: sending 10!
thadieu: let me look for a postoffice near JPL
thadieu: may be me can send demain!
idlehouse: me still no send cd yet
idlehouse: poor you
idlehouse: me so la^’y si`
thadieu: mi’ xo^` xi` li’p pi`
idlehouse: mi’ xo^` xi` li’p pi` o^’ xi`
thadieu: o^’ ke^`, mi’ pha`o e^` po^’t o’p phi.t
thadieu: cho+’t tu e^’ch xi.t pho+’ ro`m mi’ uo^.c
idlehouse: du’ tho.t la’i ddi.t tu a’ vo`i a^’ng co^` bu’t xi` da ?
thadieu: du’ a` xo^’ ra`i
idlehouse: mi’ la`i

idlehouse: LA’T CO+` RI’T XO+ MA’T TO+
idlehouse: A`I GHI’P DU MA’I HON
idlehouse: BA^.T DDO+` VE RI NE^’CH XO+` DDA^Y
idlehouse: DU` GHI’P I’T O+’ UA^`Y
idlehouse: BACHY !
thadieu: ddi’t dia
idlehouse: me’c me. !
thadieu: du` xe’t mi’ on phai o+
idlehouse: no^’ no^ !!
idlehouse: mi` no^ xe’t du’ o`n pha’i o+`
idlehouse: du` o ddo+` e’n xo+’ tu ma`i lo^n li’ po+` ra^y o+ !
thadieu: e^ ni’ ha`o
thadieu: mi` xen du’ ddi vi’ ddi` ddo+’ me`
idlehouse: mi may xe’n du` xi’ ddi` ddo+’ me`n o^’ xi`
idlehouse: ddi’ pe`n on ha’o ma^.t cho+` them mi’ he.p
idlehouse: ma^’y bi` va(ng dre’ ddi` ?
idlehouse: mi pho` go’t mi dda^y xo+` o’p ddo+` uy’ch ddia
idlehouse: lu’n ddi`
idlehouse: ma’c ddi`
idlehouse: me.c cro+’ ddi`
idlehouse: va(ng dre’ ddi` ????
idlehouse: sa’m ddi`
thadieu: ma’c ddi` ddia
thadieu: lu’n ddi`
thadieu: ma’c ddi`
thadieu: me.c cro+’ ddi`
idlehouse: da’ mi’ no^`
idlehouse: a’p to+ me.c cro+’ ddi` i.t oa(‘t ???
thadieu: gio+’ ddi` ?
idlehouse: o^’ de`
idlehouse: gio+’ ddi`
idlehouse: va(ng dre’ ddi`
idlehouse: sa’m ddi` ??
thadieu: e`n dden ddi’ ma.ch
idlehouse: da’
idlehouse: mi gio+’t a.txo+` Le’txo+`
idlehouse: hi xe^’t ddi’ ma.cxo+`


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