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Entry for December 08, 2006

Posted on: December 7, 2006

The last book I read was Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad.  I think if Son didn’t bring it up, I would have happily skip right past that book any day of the week without giving it a second glance.  Although Atwood is my favorite favorite contemporary writer, Greek myths are not my thing.  They have never been my thing.  But since Son was enthusiastic about it, and since I was touched that Son had noted Atwood as my favorite writer, I read it when he checked it out from the library for me.  It took me more than a week, reading it off and on, mostly during meals and “post meals” (or, “resulting from having had meals”).
After I finished, Son asked me if it was any good.  I started to tell him my opinions and that was when I had the chance to think critically about what I had just read.  One of the best point the book brough up was the idea of afterlife as not a solution to life’s problems.

(more later)


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