i know what you mean!

kinda behind

Posted on: December 11, 2006

For example, I’m supposed to be heading towards the bank during my break right now to transfer some mula for An, but it’s not going to happen.  I left my entire wallet at home.  Son had no comments left for me this morning.  The never ending affairs with my wallet.  I’m feeling the gray matters eroding from my head these days… eroding … eroding … soon to be gone!

So I’m taking the train home this afternoon during lunch and will be retrieving my wallet then.  There goes my nap.  I’m in this hopeless search for some tune that I can’t remember any facts.  For awhile I was sure that it’s Dvorak.  But now I’m not so sure any more.  The next clue is that it’s some eastern european last name.  For awhile I had the tune in my head.  Now it’s gone.  We’ll see what’s to become of this futile search.

There ‘s a long bleeding scratch on the back of my right hand that I have no idea why it’s there.  Maybe it’s from the plastic casing of Son’s scrubs.  It’s making its presence known now.  So many unexplainables in the universe this morning.  *scratches nose* Oh, and my boots went missing too.  Speaking of boots, we watched Kinky Boots yesterday, it was very very good.  I actually went online and bought 3 copies of the DVD to give out as Xmas presents.  An shouldn’t try to rent this movie, just a hint. HINT.



the plan to go home during lunch didn’t go through.  We had free lunch today (good free lunch) so I was even less motivated to go home.  On top of that I had a pile of work that I wanted to get done, so I stayed at work after all.  Son got out early so at least he’s watching over my wallet for me at home.


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