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Posted on: December 11, 2006

bị sâu răng. I can feel it with my tongue, I can feel the cavity everytime I stick my tongue up in that direction.  I know it’s my tongue pressing against the hole, but it feels like the vacuum in there is sucking my tongue in.  Damn, that makes at least the the 7th or 8th cavity in my mouth.  I don’t really want to go to the dentist because these guys drill the hole to be even bigger, prepping it they say, before they put the filling in…
I suddenly remembered my plan to rewrite my senior thesis paper again.  The one that I should have gotten an A but instead ended with a B-, to the outrage of my professor who wrote (I paraphrase) “You should have come with the draft during my office hours!”  Ooops.  Last minute papers used to work for me when I used to write an essay a week, but after 2 years out of school and taking just 1 class while working, last minute paper bit me in the ass.  I’m still ashamed of that paper.  I know it has a lot of good ideas in there, but absolutely messy because, to say the least, it’s full of grammatical errors and mispelled words…  I want to contact my prof after I have rewritten the paper and redeem myself… if that makes a difference.


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