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the highlight of my day

Posted on: December 15, 2006

Son guilted me into going to the doctor to see about my coughs. After debating about the worth of $15, I convinced myself that it’s worth it, if nothing else, to answer him tonight with “yes, I did walk into the urgent care clinic to see the doctor.”
And I did see the doctor. A really really really cute one. I went back to my office and told Diana “My doctor is really really cute!” She thought about it and said, “Is his name ___?” “Yeah!” “Oh isn’t he so cute ?” “Yes he is! He’s worth the $15 I paid!”
That’s the outcome of my doctor visit. There is nothing wrong with me as far as he could tell, healthy lungs, no fever, my body will just have to heal itself. He said at this point probably I’m not contagious anymore, but it’s hard to tell. I like him, he’s a good doctor. Some doctors have this attitude – whether they mean it or not – that often comes across as “indifference” and it makes me feel discouraged. This one doesn’t. He shows that he’s listening to my complaints well, and he takes my words into consideration. He asks many questions before he ends the session (a good question was “are there other people in your household?” I said yes, and that’s the main reason why i came because I’m worrying about my husband getting sick from my germs. We went on to talk about the chances of me being contagious etc. etc.) Anyways, I’m buying cough syrup and that’s that. He’s still cute.


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