i know what you mean!

we did forget our anniversary

Posted on: December 19, 2006

Sunday was a meaninglessly busy day for us – woke up, ran some errants, tried to find food to eat, went to optometrist – spent 3 hours for eye exams and glasses ordering – went to Costco to do last minute Christmas shopping, got home, ate dinner, did laundry, then went to bed late at night. It was a full day but without any excitement. Monday I woke up, went to work, sat down at my dest, looked at the calendar and said “oh, it was our anniversary yesterday.”
Son came home Monday’s evening and said “Babe, let’s go out to somewhere nice to celebrate our anniversary.” I asked him, “When did you remember it?” Son said “This morning” – oh – “Me too!”
We had a very pleasant dinner together. Diana gave me a gift certificate for Adagia a few months ago, so we spent it last night. The dinner was OK – fancy food wannabe, but not quite there – but the restaurant itself was cool. It reminds me of a highclass Anglo-Saxton mead hall. Then we went home, did some chores, and went to bed.


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