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first decision for 2007

Posted on: January 1, 2007

Son and I have decided to host our first Tết (Lunar New Year) banquet this year. For the first time in our life together, we are able to take a long vacation to celebrate Tết with our families after 6 years. So far the plan is to drive home around 27 Tết, stay past mùng 1, then drive back up north to host the banquet either on mùng 2 or mùng 3 among our friends. I have never done any preparation for Tet in terms of cooking, so this will be something to look forward to (or dread, I don’t know yet). I will test-cook the dishes one by one up here, go down south and do a rehearsal banquet to my huge family (they are easy to please even if I mess up), then come back up north with some clues as to how I can pull off this banquet in the shortest amount of time.

Here is the tentative menu:

1) gà rút xương or miến,
2)canh khổ qua,
3)xôi something hoặc cơm nếp,
4)gỏi or nộm something ,
5)rau xào thập cẩm,
6)rượu nếp,
7)mứt hạt sen

coincidentally, I have no clue how to make item #1 (gà rút xương/Gà tiềm ). I’m not even sure if that’s what it’s called. But maybe you do? And you can help ? It’s a stuffed chicken, i think it has dried shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, carrots, cabbage(??), water chestnut, … & … ? You have to stuff some of these things into the chicken, sew up the chicken and cook it in a double boiler if possible for a long time. It’s often used as an offering to ancestors in place of bóng cá … I really need to look more into this dish. I do know what it’s supposed to taste like, so that’s half of the battle…


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