i know what you mean!

i can boogie

Posted on: January 3, 2007

Yes Sir, I can boogie
But I need a certain song.
I can boogie, boogie woogie
All night long.
Yes Sir, I can boogie,
If you stay, you can’t go wrong.
I can boogie, boogie woogie, all night long ...

This song has been on my mind lately… the voice singing it isn’t Baccara… It’s Chiwetel Ejiofor’s…
dressing up in drags. He’s easily hand-down the most attractive drag queen of all time.
I think I have made it pretty clear many times – at least to Son – that I 1)find black men with exotic names and foreign accents sexually attractive and 2)any man in drag very endearing. So he got me Lola. Weee. I’m happy. I got Helen the same movie as her Xmas present, and she was VERY happy. We had such a great time watching that movie together. Now I’m just waiting for An to claim her own Lola. The movie’s name is not Lola. But it’s mysterious because I don’t want An to go off and read up about it. It’s more fun when she doesn’t know what she’s getting.
dlarrrrlrarrrrrrrrrrr … Lola …. mraooo…. mraooo… gimme gimme cha cha heels … I want my cha cha heels …. if I don’t get my cha cha heels i’ll walk all over you … gimme gimme gimme … (Eartha Kitt is crazy)

in other news. Boarding for 2 cats in a suite is $40/night. 10 nights = $40×10. YOU LIKE!! Chau gave me $300 a while back, and An gave $40, so that’s $340, pretty good. That’s what happen when you live far away and have crazy kitties as pets.



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