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cold weather

Posted on: January 6, 2007

I’m glad we have cold days in the winter, truly truly cold. It makes the air crisp and the sky blue. It makes me feel natural tucking everything in, since I usually stick my hands into pockets or hug myself while walking anyway.

Cold days are nice to have someone to spend them with. Today (Saturday) we woke up late with both cats snuggling up against our bodies on the bed. It’s a queensize bed, but if feels crammed these days. The old foam matress has been developing a huge trench in the middle, so both of us always fall down naturally. Even if we want to be away from each other, it would be an uphill struggle all night long, very tiring. Now you add two cats who also naturally fall into the trench as well, then we can hardly move. In cold weather, we don’t mind too much because to be absolutely still is to be as warm as possible.

In the afternoon, Son and I went to the library, then to Berkeley Bowl to buy groceries. On the way back, we stopped by Crixa Cakes, a Hungarian bakery on Adeline near Ashby. We had cakes with hot tea. Although it was near closing time, the cafe area of the bakery was still mostly full of patrons. We sat there drinking our warm teas and watched the sky darkened. It makes sense to eat cakes and drink tea in cold weather, in a nice cozy room, using dainty chinas and silver trays, surrounded by cakes and breads, listening to classical music softly playing in the background.

We got home around 6, did a few chores, then I ran a hot bath, lighted a bunch of candles, and turned off the light. Son turned on the music and joined me in the tub. It’s one of those things we do in cold weather, cramming ourselves in the bathtub until the water turns cold. I thought to myself that years from now, perhaps we might have a house to call our own, a bigger bathtub where water can cover us up to our necks, not just half way so that our knees and chests are always sticking out… I always tell Son about that dream bathtub because the one that we currently have can barely accomodate 1 person, let a lone two. But we might just always be looking back to these day in our youth with fondness once our dreams are fullfilled, and we might just be bathing together in memories of these days we are passing…

Anyways, the water turned cold, so now I’m in front of the computer reading random things. Fatty is on my lap, keeping both of us warm. Son’s on the recliner with Crippled on his chest to keep both of them warm. Most nights are like this; I would come home, Son and I warm ourselves in the bath, then we hang out in the study room, where I surf the web and Son reads. The cats would be on my lap and Son’s, or most of the time both of them would cover the entire length of Son’s body if I don’t sit still. We would finish dinner by 8, then move into the bedroom where all of us cuddle under layers of blankets doing various things (read, watch dvd’s, talk on the phone…) Around 11, I feed the cats and then go to sleep. We don’t turn on the heat, that’s why cold weather calls for so much togetherness. It’s fun.

It’s not that we are so poor that we can’t affort to turn the heater on. We choose to be this way, because it’s not cold enough here to cause us death if we don’t turn on the heater. To change our daily routine according to the weather is actually the point, to me. I think the cats bond with us more in cold weather, clinging to us constantly. They bond between themselves as well, Crippled letting Fatty sleep on top of him for the first time as soon as the weather turned cold. We drink warm drinks together, and eat hot stews for dinner, sometimes in bed (very carefully). Cold weather makes us shift our life style, our food, our rituals, and our relationship to each other. I like that.


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