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Posted on: January 17, 2007

Absolutely no news to report except I think Son trapped me into cooking again. I was on vacation with no definite date of coming back as far as cooking goes in my kitchen. Then Son needed to pull out cash, so he headed to Ranch99 to use their ATM. He asked me to tell him something he could buy. I said get me some frozen udon noodles, you know what I mean? Yeah yeah. Then I got home same day and Son said “I couldn’t find your frozen udon noodles anywhere, so I got you some ba’nh canh.” I said “Huh? They are always in the frozen section in the middle!” Son said “Oops, I went to the fresh noodles section and couldn’t find any…” So last night I had to cook ba’nh canh for him.

I might fry you a banana
and ask you to try seeing some value in that
my lone act
of banana frying
in the canola oil slowly heating
the pale peeled banana lying
in the mystery of this universe that went into producing that fruit
maybe today you would
even if what’s being fried
is not a banana
(but maybe a monkey?)

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