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Posted on: January 19, 2007

Everytime I eat this wonton soup from this one restaurant, I burn my tongue. Without fail >_<

My arm is getting flabby so here’s my ambitious plan to tone my muscles: learn how to swim. In February. I’m marching to El Cerrito community pool either tonight or tomorrow to register. I even enlisted Son for lap-swimming so that he can come with me during my lessons. We’ll see how I fare in freezing weather and an outdoor pool (heated to 78 or 83 degrees, I’m not sure which). Of course, as soon as we both resolved on this exciting fitness activity, news report came in last night that Italian researchers have recently linked chlorine in swimming pools to cancer. Son immediately told me “I don’t want to do it anymore because I’m afraid of getting cancer…”

2 nights ago, I got to the BART station and found Son waiting for me. So cute. He does that whenever he can – gets off the BART in downtown Berkeley, sits on the bench and waits for me to arrive at the platform around 5:15 so that we can go home together. It’s something that I wouldn’t do personally. I’d just be like “I’m going HOME! Weeeeeee!”

I’ve come to term lately with the fact that I only look good in the bathroom mirror at my apt (if I don’t count the barbershops’ mirrors – wherever I went to get my haircut, I always looked like my face just got Photoshopped Then after I handsomely tipped my hairdresser and got home, midnight always struck, and I looked like Cinderella after the frigging Fairy bank repossessed all her stuffs. Including her face). This magical mirror in my bathroom sometimes renders my face to the resemblance of Tram, which is not too alarming, since Tram and I both have my dad’s features. Another time, I got all freaked out because I looked 80% like my paternal grandmother in a black and white photo I saw of her when she was around 30. I told Van today that perhaps I should have dinner in the bathroom with Son one of these days to see if he notices my charms. Oh yeah, dimming the light also increases my charm, as is with the case of cheapo disposable cameras. (Pictures above had all these qualifications: cheap camera – canon powershot A80 – bathroom mirror, and dim light. Click to enlarge. Van, I’ve fulfilled my end of the deal).

Fatty now weights in at 10 lbs and some odd ounces. “Skinny” is now 12.5 lbs. So Skinny’s official name is now “Crippled” and Fatty… I think we’ll just leave Fatty alone, because he has a history of being called random names by people. He was born Christopher (first kitten to come out), then renamed Mittens by Chau. Then crazy vet’s office wrote his name down as Muffin due to difficulty reading MITTENS . Then he sometimes go by Chris online when I must give him a name. We refer to him as Fatty in both English and Vietnamese. He’s also known as “my cat” whereas Crippled is “your cat” (to Son). But I think Fatty thinks his name is “me’o meo.” Or simply the sound of his the spoon banging against his food bowl.

I’m currently reading “The Knife Man,” which is a biography of John Hunter, father of modern surgery. Animal lovers should not read this in details (poor dogs!). I felt a sense of relief that cats were so generally despised or avoided or for whatever other reasons, many people decided to do more animal testings on dogs and pigs than on cats (poor pigs!!). Any way, it’s a good read, and I always think doctors, dentists, and other people in prestigious health professions should have this kind of book as reading assignment in school just so they understand the humble beginning of Western medicine/healthcare. Some people might know this already: barbers used to cut hairs, perform crude surgeries, and pull teeth. In fact, physicians used to look down on surgeons because they considered these people to be the ones doing all the dirty works unworthy of their elite status. “The Knife Man” explains that the candy-cane red and white poles we see today that indicate barbershops are remnants of what used to represent something involving blood and bandages. And a pole.

I just bought a crapload of stuffs from thebodyshop.com because they are having a huge sale and there’s a free shipping coupon code for orders $15 or more. You’ll see the coupon code if you search for it on google or slickdeals.net

I also just bought a crapload of stuffs from aeropostale because they are also having a huge sale. Well not too much, now that I think of it. I got a jacket and a sweater for Son, 2 scarves for me, 1 belt, and 1 scarf for Christina. Son, I used your gmail account in order to get the $10 off from Google.


3 Responses to "random things"

Mn, coi ci hnh tc ngắn ny cuả Bn thấy thằng Muslim giống y choang lun. Tc ny nhn thấy cute hơn tc di đ Bn.

thanks chi. ! ca’i mirror na`y dde^? to’c da`i tho` ma(.t vo^ cu~ng de^~ nhi`n la(‘m, dda~ ba?o la` gu+o+ng tha^`n ma` li. … Son cu~ng no’i nhi`n hi`nh thi` tha^’y gio^’ng Tram (me. tha(`ng Muslim). Tha(`ng Muslim vu+`a tro`n 2 tuo^?i – che’p mie^.ng tie^’c re? … sa(‘p su+?a he^’t ma(.c a’o dda^`m cho no’ ddu+o+.c ro^`i … http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=366345239&size=o

Ha! Bo`n cho+i a’c nhe, cho tha(`ng Muslim tha`nh little Bo`n.
Nho+’ ho^`i xu+a cu~ng hay ma(.c a’o dda^`m cho tha(`ng cha’u ho., ba^y gio+` no’ ddang la`m chung ha~ng dzi’ mi`nh. Time does fly fast, very fast!

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