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Metamorphosis of food

Posted on: January 23, 2007

Living cheaply doesn’t mean you have to eat crappy food. Not for us, at least, since we would sooner wear old clothes than give up yummy food. We just eat metamorphous food, courtessy of the massive size of the American standard entree. Last time we stopped by China Village for their kick ass spicy Sichuan beef noodle soup, I couldn’t finish half of the bowl, so I asked for the rest to go. By dinner time, I added water to the broth (I’ve noticed that my favorite Chinese restaurant make delicious noodles, but their broths are always salty) and effectively turned the left over into a full bowl again. That was really good. (The thick noodle didn’t disintergrate and become pudding).

Then on Saturday, we had lunch at China Village again, this time each of us ordered one spicy sichuan beef noodle soup. We both managed to eat all the noodles and most of the meat, but we had all the broth left over. I asked to take the broth to go too. Last night I bought some shanghai wide noodles, a piece of beef, and a bunch of cillantro. Just like before, I added more water to the broth, boil the noodles, added slices of beef, laddled hot broth over them, and top everythign off with cilantro. YUM.

Tonight I have some left over shanghai noodles, which will turn into noodle with pork and preserved veg. soup if I can do it correctly.


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