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mom’s genes

Posted on: January 30, 2007

me on the phone with Chau:
– the Pantene coupons I sent you, did you use them yet?
– yeah i’ve used them all waaaay back when already
– oh
– oh what?
– Longs is having a sale where if you use those coupons, you would end up paying about 0.99 per bottle.
– I don’t need anymore, I bought them to the point we have no more room to store them. In fact, Danny said to me “Chau, we need to talk, promise me you won’t buy anymore.”
– awww, my house is flooded too, but coupons are so nice
– yes! and with me being at home, all I do is cutting up coupons and buy up whenever there’s a good deal. Toilet papers, lotions, shampoo… Danny had to ask me to stop it
– wait until he sits without something to wipe his ass and then he’ll complain!
– yeah
– These damn things are so expensive if you just buy them out of the blue, you’ve gotta plan for them….

Son on the phone with me:
– hey babe, what size did you ask me to buy for the cat litter ?
– 30 lbs
– oh, so I got to Target and found a bunch of the blue boxes that also scanned in at 9.99 too
– there were 5 boxes so I took them all
– so now you have 5 boxes, ok ?
– thanks!

Son on the phone with me many months ago:
– hey babe, I went to Petsmart to buy fish food like you asked, and I saw all the cat food on sale, the type you always buy.
– how much?
– 65 cents per can
– wow!
– yeah, so I took everything, cleared out their shelf.
– good job!

That’s why in the case of emergency, you can always come to my house to buy Pantene, Thermasilk, SoftSoap, cat food, cat litter, toilet papers, Airborne, lotions, pads, and possibly chapsticks. And floss too. And toothpaste. We are our mom all over again. Son’s like that because he lives with me.


2 Responses to "mom’s genes"

I, những thứ em c ton thứ chị cần . Thật l lc cần chạy đi mua mắc thật ..

Hm no nh khng cn chị sẽ mua v my bay qua bn em xin 🙂

hi`, tie^`n bay qua nha` em cha(‘c chi. co’ the^? mua ddu+o+.c ca? mo+’ … da.o na`y ve’ ma’y bay ma(‘c kinh

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