i know what you mean!

i got kodo!

Posted on: February 1, 2007

tickets purchased for Saturday 2/3/07 weee! naked butts and drums are my favorite combination. My coworker said she went to their show 2 years in a row, and from her and from reviews, kodo sounds pretty amazing

I also have 2 tickets for the big Michael Polan event at Berkeley in 3 weeks Diana and I showed up right when the box office opened up for ticket sale day 1. The event will be webcasted live if you can’t attend in person. See the website of Berkeley School of Journalism for more details if you are interested.

In other news, I finished reading Archangel last night. There were a few points that irritated me, but over all, it’s less annoying than Code. One obvious fault I found with the plot is, supposedly Fluke is a renowned scholar in modern russian politics, yet after he found the dead body (the victim was murdered in the most gruelsome way) he 1) ran to the Russian police to report, knowing how chaotic and corrupt the system is AND 2) wrote a full confession detailing every little scandalous piece of info he has obtained up to date with regards to a mythical item that everyone in Russia seems to have a vested interest. HUH?? Fluke was arrested and stripped of all his personal belongings, he could not contact the American embassy, and yet he wrote a full confession hoping that the police would investigate and release him??? I thought he had lived in Russia before, duh!! Anyways. I’m done with the novel. As always with these mystery thrillers, the secrets revealled are always a let down.


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