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I miss the catlord

Posted on: February 1, 2007

in 2001 I used to read a blog by Kyaa the Catlord from opendiary.com. His blog was always fun to read, not ha ha ha funny, but fun because his writing makes him palpable, as if I, the reader, can understand his personality, understand his lifestyle, his tastes, and can almost see his environment through his words. Then around 2002ish, I dropped off opendiary site, and then for awhile, he wasn’t writing or something like that, so I forgot about him. His was the first anime blog I’ve ever read. Today I suddently thought of him, and the way he used to say “mrow,” which is uber cute to me. I looked him up on google and what do you know, he wikipeded himself (well, it’s his profile because he’s one of the authors in the anime section of the wikipedia). Reading whatever random trivia he writes still makes me smile.

I wonder where your current blog is, Kyaa the Catlord…

(I rank VERY high on the stalker index )

heh, here he is


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