i know what you mean!

weekend = true test of self-control

Posted on: March 11, 2007

and I definitely failed, ha ha

foodlist for today ~~

1 pink lady apple
1/5 piece of glass jelly with 1/2 tbsp cane sugar.

1 bowl pancit malabon – my boss gave this to me 3 days ago. So fattening if you look at the ingredients. Heh.
1 piece of left over olive bread from Wednesday.
1.5 cups nonfat plain yogurt + TJ strawberry jam (3 tbsp) – ugh, I bought this Nonfat Creamline French Village Yogurt from TJ by mistake. Usually I buy the regular Plain Creamline French Village Yogurt. The Nonfat variety is just weird, no like!

cha'o ga`
cha’o ga` (chicken rice congee) and salad of arugula, fig cheve, raisins, walnuts, and tomatoes.


We test our luck at the swimming pool during recreational swimming hours today (~76 degrees sunshine) – nope, no luck. The pool was packed, so I’ve decided to jog instead.

Currently jogging to the music of these mp3’s:

1. Every Little Thing – fragile 4:52
2. Yaida Hitomi – I’m here saying nothing 3:30
3. Noir – Ending Theme 4:18
4. Tinh Bietn – Nha Phuong 4:40
5. Mua Xuan Goi – Tran Tien Tran Thu Ha 4:40
6. Nhu Mau Nang San Truong – Duy Quang 2:50
7. Jane Birkin – Quoi 4:30
8. Khanh Ngoc – Thanh Pho Cua Toi 2:25
9. Co Di Nuoi Day Tre – Thuy Duong 4:22
10. Thai Hien – Tren Dinh Huyen Thoai 3:39
11. Duy Quang – Chi Co Em 5:40
12. Bao Yen – Tinh Ca Mua Xuan 5:21
13. Garmoshka 1:15
14. Last Exile soundtrack – Over The Sky 4:41

I’m happy with this play list, except, upon paying close attention to Jane Birkin, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a horrible singer in French.

picture: Fatty was lying next to me this morning, I scratched his arm for a bit and he stuck out his tongue like that. And left it like out for 5 minutes at least, as if he was totally oblivious to the fact that he had 1/2 of his tongue outside of his mouth.


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