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Posted on: April 4, 2007

sore throat day 2. I took half a day off yesterday to go home and sleep my sore throat off. I managed to nap for less than 30 minutes. The rest of the time, I read Interpreter of Maladies, having seen it mentioned from another blog. I liked the title, so I put in a request for the book from Berkeley Library. It was a nice good read. The nicest thing about this book is probably its lack of pretension. Just straight forward story telling, and the stories shine on their own without the twists and turns of language. I mean, people say they LOVE Faulkner, but there’s only so much Faulkner I can read in one sitting. Then I would find myself skimming through, because I feel like a haze is setting in, and I can’t see clearly through the texts what the author wants to say anymore. I used to love STYLE in all caps, just because I was always trying to see where I fit in, can I be more clever or more original with my writing, what tricks can I learn. But somewhere along the way, my patience ran out and now I just want to read stories. Jhumpa Lahiri definitely has a voice in this collection of her short stories, but her voice has a down to earth tone, like her characters, who are embraced both good and bad. I like the last story the best, “The third and final continent.” I think it really resonnates with my immigrant background, and what the narrator says at the end of the story is the same thing I tell myself whenever I look back to the roads I, my family, and my people have travelled.

Today is Son’s mom birthday, tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, next tuesday is An’s, and the end of the month is Tin’s.


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