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April 09, 2007

Posted on: April 9, 2007

this bracelet is awsome… expensive, but awesome…

there was an entry 2 nights ago about the horrible stuffs known as “natural mushroom flavorings” that contain yeast extract. But, being logged in and connected to the internet, I got this stupid “you must login first” message which wiped out whatever rant I was composing. I gave up and went to bed. In between, I was still recovering from this weird cold (maybe it’s just an upper respiratory infection thing, not really a cold). Saturday I went with Son to volunteer for FOC (weird abbreviation), an organization that cannot be googled. First assignment was simple enough: edit an article. The reason why I ended up editing this article was because a foreigner wrote it – free of grammatical errors if you don’t count the fact that everything was written in past tense. Product of Freshman Comp in the US. I was told the exact same thing: write your essays in past tense to be safe! You can’t just tell students a rule like that without following up w/ a list of exceptions so that they would know where to turn when the rule doesn’t apply. This article had all future events in past tense. BUT. The joy of being able to just go through a piece of straight forward writing and correct one systematic error is almost thrilling. The writer had a point, she stuck to her point and mentioned all relevant supporting facts, analyzed her facts, and came to a solid conclusion. Saves me so much anguish when someone knows how to organize their ideas.

That was the “work” part for Saturday. Afterward, being near Union Square, I asked Son to stop by Victoria’s Secret with me so I can buy a new push up bras. My old one got jacked because during the last laundry trip, one strap got wrapped around the thing inside the washing machine that turns, you know what I mean, so the band inside the strap snapped. Grrr. That was my nice cheap ass $10 push up. VS killed me with their $40 bras. I bought it because it was tried and true by my friend Christina. I’m pretty sure I can pick up something from Macy’s for less, but all things considered, I’m running out of time so… And plus I need to use up this $9 credit from VS since 2003. I’m keeping the receipt. For when this damn bras goes on sale… But it’s a nice one if you have low cut V-neck dresses – it molds into your flesh even if you lean over. Just don’t put it into the washer. Christina learned this the hard way. They glued the whole damn bras together I think.

Son borrowed Babette’s Feast from the library, a fun movie to watch. We are such food snobs, we knew what she was making when we saw her prepararing for the feast. I told Helen this last night, and Helen said “me too!” Last night we went with Helen and Jim to her collegue’s house in SF for Easter dinner. Helen brought her awesome yams and lots of steammed asparagus, plus a Russian Kulich (Cheeseboard makes that once or twice a year). I brought a big salad, some kales for the yams, and a quick appetizer: belgian endives with VNese fried smelts. ca’ co+m kho kho^. You should try it, it’s cheaper than caviars and goes well with champaign. Jan & Bill (our hosts) had the best ham I’ve ever tasted – moist, flavorful, and no note of chemicals like your standard ham in a can. They also had a kickass pear tart/pie. Stewart (Bill’s son) and Pamela brought another kickass berry crumble, more salad, and a champaign. Assembled together, we had a great dinner with not much left over. The dessert at the end was just about killing me, because I was eating so much yams not realizing that I would have to eat 3 kinds of cake plus fresh whipped cream afterward. Son felt sick due to over eating. The good thing is if you’re filled with mostly yams, kale, asparagus, and salad, your digestive system can work through them in 3 hours so that you can go to bed not feeling stuffed. These people all love to subtract sugar from their cake/pies recipes, so I never have to worry about sugar overdose when I eat their desserts.

There were 2 dogs there, and they drooled all over the place. Son’s jeans were actually wet with their saliva. They were cute, we played with them, but I could not forget for one second that they were drooling. Georgie wanted to look at me in the face and probably lick me, but I kept on turning her around so that her butt was to me, that way I could pet her without having to get my hand wet. As soon as we got home, we stripped completely and Son jumped straight into the shower while I ran a load of laundry right before bedtime. Let’s hope the animals didn’t have fleas (2 cats + 2 dogs that night).

That brings us to Monday. I just picked up a ring for myself from Ross. A random ring. I like it. It looks similar to this one (same color and width, different pattern) except the back band is thinner and I have a flat, square turquoise stone set in the middle, angles pointed NSEW. Nothing show stopping, but I like it.


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