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mysterious greens identified

Posted on: April 10, 2007

Its identity was very apparent once I stirfried that bunch of greens bought 10 days ago from Oakland farmer’s market. It’s Rau Đắng. Bitter!! There was much bitterness at dinner last night, since the bunch I paid less than 50 cents for was huge. Son and I ate the whole thing, and I kept on telling myself the whole time, damn, chị Hạnh would really have loved this meal. Luckily I didn’t encourage anyone at the market to buy this stuffs. Everyone who saw me picking up a bunch kept on asking me “what is it ? what can you do with it?” I told them that I had no idea, I just overheard some Indian lady said to another person that you can stirfry it with garlic, so I bought a bunch.

While searching the web for a picture of Rau Đắng, I found a bunch of useful sites:
Multilingual multiscript plant name database
Flora Exotica
OK I just found two. But they are useful!
Picture is from http://sci.agr.ca

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