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April 20, 2007

Posted on: April 21, 2007

lazy lazy lazy …. I have definitely reached the point of saturation in terms of blog writing. I still have a million random things to say, but I want to read other people’s blogs more than adding to my own… I spent yesterday reading Dong Vy’s stories. Today was spent reading her husband’s, Cong Luan. I like both of their stories. Dong Vy reminds me of everything that’s beautiful about life in Viet Nam, things that I did not have, but recognized. Some might find her writing too rosy, but I like rose-colored glasses. My swimming goggles are blue colored, they make everything so damn dark. I wish I have purchased a clear pair. Originally a blue tint was thought to be a good idea for afternoon swimming. Turns out I’m an evening swimmer, duh.

As if to make up for all the food down in OC I couldn’t eat last week, I have been cooking up a storm here in my kitchen. After bu’n do.c mu`ng last night, I tackled a big pot of bu’n bo` tonight. Tomorrow we’ll see if it’s good enough. I’m a freak cook. I can never guarantee a consistent taste for any dish. If you find my food tasty today, eat lots. Tomorrow I might feel charmed to cook a big pot JUST FOR YOU and it would turn out to be a pile of crap. Thanks God Son still thinks of himself as having a discernable palate AND finds my food “good.” Must be all the chili peppers. When all fails, I can always dump a teaspoon of shrimp paste into his bowl – he doesn’t like all ma(‘m in general – and then he would eat the whole thing up without a comment, thinking that it’s because he doesn’t like ma(‘m, that’s why the food doesn’t appeal to him

The shooting thing has been bothering me a lot. I’m glad there has been general outrage concerning NBC’s decision to play the tapes on the air. I don’t feel alone for a chance. Sighs. Betty said I should try to see the guy’s pains and how much he has been hurting all these years. People I admire would tell me the same, to love the most unlovable one is a way to prove that you understand what love is. I’m not that far yet. I was more in the “How can God love that guy??” mode a few days ago…

I got around to cleaning the fish tank today, finally. I bought new filter components a month ago, but didn’t get around to changing them until today. It took me a good 45 minutes. In between, I managed to spill the cat’s water bowl – AGAIN. Every time I change water for the fish tank, I always end up kicking the water bowl. I blame it on Son, since he tends to move it away from the fridge whenever he changes the water. It needs to be next to the fridge, out of my way

I made che` dda^.u xanh on Wednesday. I’m making all kinds of food this week. That’s probably the high light. That and how my stomach can now stay flat when I’m full. Super encouraging news for those of you who want nice abs: you put your body through my crazy bootcamp for 5 weeks and you will get immediate results! I’m still jogging, swimming, walking, and eating like a rabbit. A carnivorous one.


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