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Posted on: May 18, 2007

lâu lâu bỏ hình cho có cái ngó…

This picture is from our Europe trip in 2002. Looking at my set of photos from that trip reminds me how much fun An and I had. We make great travel companions because we go in cycles that alternate between barking at each other and bursting into laughter, goofing off all day long. Usually we take pictures of random things along the way, mostly for our own pleasure rather than trying to capture anything in particular. On this day in July of 2002, at the Tuileries, An wanted that castle front in the background, with the ferris wheel and all. But she said I should humanize it somehow (put head in for scale!), hence my head sticking into the corner like a gnome. That wide grin was genuine because we really had that much fun. All of these pictures were not digital. We had a good old fashion manual camera with no preview mode.

Crippled figured out how to climb on top of the box I set aside for him just fine. But he just climbs on there to sit on the box itself. I suspect that he would jump down to the ground, then jump up to the ledge if the ledge was his goal. I woke up to a lot of meowing this morning around 6, not from Fatty who was just sweetly sitting by the door patiently waiting. No, it was Crippled, waaaay up high on our shoe hamper by the living room’s window (that’s a VERY hight jump for Crippled). He was up there pacing back and forth. At first I got up thinking that he couldn’t get down, therefore calling for help. But he was just excited by whatever he saw outside – birds, cats, people. “What’s wrong with you???” A tap on his head, and he stopped.

– note: “Fat of the Land” (food journalism type about hidden costs of food) is a very boring boring book to read. I’m returning it today. Yet another “I give up” book.


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