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structure of my evenings

Posted on: May 22, 2007

Diana asked how do I spend my time now that Son’s away from home, do I have more things to do? Do I have more space? Do I ….? I replied that my evenings have no structure now. I eat left over after I come home from work, and cook my next meal at 11 p.m. just before I go to sleep. In between I watch random youtube videos or play games online. Then I play with my cat or take a nap. Then I talk to various family members on the phone. These past 3 days I could barely muster enough discipline to follow through with my exercise routine. I finally pushed myself and jogged today after work. Then I watered the plants and congratulated myself on such accomplishment. Then I took a ~2 hours nap. I told Vincent about my structureless evenings and he laughed, saying “welcome to my life! Now you know why I can’t get anything done – my schedule totally get messed up as soon as I become single again.”

The last time I returned home without having anyone to cook for or talk to was in 2001. Those days were spent watching anime nonstop and surfing the web until midnight, so I have not really changed. Oh I did get 2 letters typed out for Son, so that’s another accomplishment. And the dishes have gotten washed so far…


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