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August 04, 2007

Posted on: August 4, 2007

Crippled’s vet bill = $242 this morning. Probably need to come back for check up ~$60, X-ray will probably set me back another $200. No wonder we’re going broke. Poor Crippled, he has the E-collar on today, and must wear it for the next 2 weeks until he’s done with his round of antibiotics and we can observe the leg to see if it can heal properly. Vet thinks it’s onset arthritis… We’ll see…

Lunch = hu? tie^’u. Son had a craving for it, and we were considering driving down to SJ, but I’ve decided to stay at home and make some instead. I’m very happy with the batch I made today, but the picture came out crappy.

hu tieu

I was in a hurry to eat anyways. Currently reading Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides. It reminds me much of Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Same sort of sordid family tragedies. I enjoy reading this book a lot, I don’t fall asleep going through 1 chapter, so that’s always a good sign. I guess I don’t have strong sentiments against Conroy as some of our fine Amazon readers, but then again, I’m never a reader of poetry, so maybe that’s why I don’t know Conroy as a poet. Otherwise I might be annoyed too. I’m glad I’m introduced to it. Back to some more reading now.

Ugh, I had 2 bowls of my own sinigang tonight (day 3 of the mother pot). Son wouldn’t consider it anymore after the first night when his stomach burned. Mine is still suffering tonight, just like nights before. Damn halapenos, so gooooood.


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Ton bills bự… bởi vậy chị read me like a book phải khng 🙂

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