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can’t say he’s thrilled

Posted on: August 5, 2007

poor Crippled. He’s trying to make the most out of the situation. He’s eating well, drinking OK, but spends most of his time just lying around. Son says he’s probably depressed. I would be too. There are 2 medications for him, one oral and one topical. I asked the Vet in a hopeful tone, “Is the oral one flavored?” She said of course not. So I now have the honor of shoving half a pill of antibiotic down my cat’s throat and holding his head up while waiting for him to swallow. Fatty was absolutely frightened by Crippled’s new fashion. He spent a lot of yesterday hissing and crying in a throaty voice, more like bleeting actually. He would fluff up his fur and try to attack Crippled everytime they came into close contact. I think he thought it was an entirely different animal in the house. Fatty seems to have calmed down today. Thirteen more days to go…

Stayed up until 5 last night reading “Prince of Tides.” I only went to bed when I realized that there were still another 150+ pages to go before the end, and I would have to wake up to go to my volunteering place by 9. Couldn’t get much sleep after all, because 5 was when Crippled woke up, walked around the house, and knocking his e-collar against every surface. In fact, he sat right on top of the bookshelf by the window next to my bed, so I kept on waking up every 10 minutes or so. I was dead tired this morning at P.O.C, but it was productive. Stopped by BCBG store to look for some of Chi’s wedding stuffs. Found a beautiful dress = $220 (the color I tried on was this one and another one called “ginger” – ginger is pinkish red, as in japanese pickled ginger I guess. It was a very beautiful color). With 70% off, it’s still $80 after tax . Bye bye. Stopped by FCUK too, but same thing happened: even with 40% off on top of their clearance price, you would have to drop at least 50 bucks to buy anything worthwhile. Went home empty handled and famished around 2:30. Ate 2 bowls of rice with thi.t kho (braised pork), then on to 1 corn on the cob, 2 pieces of mochi, and finally, 1 big bowl of sinigang. I was in pain for the next hour, ugh. I’m still stuffed right now.

Prince of Tides is OK. Maybe A for entertainment and B for content otherwise. I mean, reading it is fun, but it’s fun in the soapish kind of way. It’s like East of Eden meets Dynasty the daytime show. You can’t stop reading because all kinds of sordid things keep on churning up, but when you’re done reading, you think wow, what hasn’t happened to the Wingo family? Nothing! But it’s fun.


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