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being a responsible adult

Posted on: August 10, 2007

After $285’s worth of X-ray and consultation with orthopedic surgeon today, cat is scheduled for surgery/amputation Tuesay morning. I am to make the final decision by Monday, informing them of which procedure I want him to undergo.
the family votes so far have been amputation: 3 (chau, An, me), surgery: 0. Son leaves it entirely to me, and will support my decision (I will push him to voice an opinion… I want him to, it would mean a lot).

money is not in the foreground of our decision making process, it’s mostly Cripple’s comfort and suffering. We are not sure if surgery will solve his discomfort in the long term, and I don’t want to put him through another major surgery after this ordeal. I just have to make sure I make Jim & Helen or Les swear to me that they will take my cat if something happens to me.

Of course this somber occasion did not keep us from talking like reasonable people.

thadieu: me give u $1.5K ja?
idlehouse: sure
idlehouse: me no need right now yet
idlehouse: we split split when you have mula and pay back all your debts
thadieu: oh, Tin will contribute at least $500
idlehouse: Tin said so ?
idlehouse: he has no mula

thadieu: yep
thadieu: he has no mula?
thadieu: why not?
idlehouse: me thought he has no mula ?
thadieu: me just called him, he said yes, he can contribute
idlehouse: oh
idlehouse: ok
idlehouse: me just no want to put him under some hardship
idlehouse: when we get richo, me give Tin back mula
thadieu: just confirm w/ him again, he no has hardship
idlehouse: ok
idlehouse: miu
idlehouse: does he know what’s going on ?
idlehouse: chau offered $500 but in bonds
idlehouse: meaning me come collecto when she has mula and job
thadieu: yep, me just debriefed him
thadieu: oh
thadieu: so here’s the state: me put in $1.5K, Tin $500, u $1K+ for now
thadieu: ja?
idlehouse: sure
thadieu: mo.mo.
idlehouse: does he want to vote ?
idlehouse: he can cast a vote
idlehouse: with his mula
thadieu: he no care really
idlehouse: every $500 is one phie^’u
thadieu: actually he cared a little bit
thadieu: “oh” , vs “ohhh”
thadieu: “oh” for surgery, “ohhh” for cha(.t cha^n

Oh, and the Harry Potter test puts me into 82 points Hufflepuff. To Son’s dismay, he’s 73 points Hufflepuff, 72 points Ravenclaw.


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