i know what you mean!

niku udon

Posted on: August 12, 2007

dinner on Saturday = udon.

Sunday = all day devoted to eating. Jim & Helen made brunch for us that lasted for hours. We got out of their house at 4:30 only to come home and prepare for dinner with Donna + her family, Betty, and Les … at 6 p.m. We ordered 8 dishes and the bill came out under $50. Crazy restaurant, Jackie knows which one I’m talking about.

I spend a lot more time with Crippled, telling him that we’ll always take care of him and we want him to be happy, that’s our utmost concern. Then Son came over and told him that we are sorry but we are trying our best … that sounds so sad, hearing it like that. I guess it’s easier when I’m the one saying these things as opposed to hearing them. After talking to Helen, An, Chau, Son… I’m settled on amputation for my cat. I want the rest of his life to be pain free, if that’s possible. X-ray will be posted as soon as I figure out to to snap the image from that one program…


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