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before it ceases to become news

Posted on: August 20, 2007

I did get other stuffs done during the week besides chewing on my fingers while looking at Crippled. I got my readings done by Wednesday from the pile of books I’ve borrowed.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is an excellent book, I highly recommend it. It’s about an extremely smart young boy trying to go on living his life after Sept 11 took away his dad, who had been the center of his life. The book has many touching moments and, like a Miyazaki movie, has many kind adults who are willing to reach out to a young child.

Do They Hear You When You Cry is a sobering look at how the INS and American prison/justice system treats asylum seekers – worse than criminals, who would still have rights because they are American citizens, whereas asylum seekers are considered illegal immigrants and therefore subjected to horrible treatment because they “aren’t supposed to be here.” It got me so upset I stayed up all night reading the book, getting more and more outraged with each page.

Brothel is a study conducted on Nevada’s most famous legal brothel, the Mustang Ranch. It was an interesting read to me because I don’t see a way to permanently end prostitution. I encountered this book while looking at some university’s recommended reading list. I was curious when I saw the title – I didn’t even know prostitution was legal in an American state.

The Testatment – Didn’t read. Started off boring, so I gave up

An American Childhood – boring flip-through. I don’t think I’m going to read it.

Dawn – have not started on it… We’ll see…. I just got my hands on Helen’s first four volumnes of Harry Potter and Book One is moving along so well…

Other activities include:
– saw Dream Girls the musical movie in FFWD mode. Hey I used to be a musical fan, but this one is just bad. BAD. Ugh.
– saw Whale Rider again – still love that movie, sniffles. Might buy it for Helen this Christmas.
– saw Sin City again with Son and Helen at Jim and Helen’s house today. We had fun rewatching it, but after its first description, which is NOIR, the second adjective comes to mind, VIOLENT.
– was Holes again with Son last night (Saturday). It’s still a good movie. Cute kids.
– saw a bit of High School the Musical at Donna’s house on Saturday. Fell asleep after a few bad scenes. YUCK. But it’s still more appealing than Dream Girls.
– saw about 45 minutes of Dick the movie today on TV. It’s actually an entertaining movie.

Other outdoor activites (besides taking cat back and forth between home & hospital):
– Summer party at Donna’s house. The food was awesome, the party was flawlessly planned by our hosts. Donna is such an organized person that I would love to hire her as my event planner. Son did manage to come too and I had fun. I felt really “welcome” at Donna’s house.

– Afternoon get together with Jim and Helen today. Gina came to the kitchen door from the deck sometime during the event with a little mouse in her mouth. At first I heard this muffled “meow” and said,
“Oh look, Helen, it’s Gina coming in!”
Helen said,
“And she has a mouse in her mouth! Ha ha, a welcome gift for you!”
Helen thundered,
“Oh NO you didn’t Gina, you are not coming in here with that mouse!” and shut the door.
“Aww Helen, look at poor Gina walking around in circles… she brought you a gift!”
“Just what I don’t need, take it away Gina!”
We were like that for a while, me saying awwww at poor Gina and Helen shooing her away. Then we noticed Gina didn’t have anything in her mouth anymore. She kept on walking around sniffing and looking for the mouse. She dropped it and it fell through the crack of Helen’s deck. Later on, when we headed home, we saw the dead little thing on our way out, looking cute, harmless, and stiff.


2 Responses to "before it ceases to become news"

Thấy chị khen, em đang request cuốn Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close ở thư viện (thư viện c 3 cuốn đều bị người khc giữ rồi). Cm ơn chị ^_^

Ky` qua’, ba^’m vo^ 2,3 la^`n no’ chi? cha.y vo^ ca’i na`y !!! Mi`nh muo^’n ddo.c sushi and sex ma` :(((

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