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vegetarian so^’t ca` chua

Posted on: October 16, 2007

chiều nay về thèm ăn rau, xách nguyên bó rau cải ngọt trụng nước sôi xong 2 đứa ngồi ăn chấm tí dầu hào. Yum. Ăn hết 1 bó còn thấy thòm thèm, nhưng no rồi. Món cải ngọt chấm dầu hào này ăn ngon, ăn bổ, ăn hoài không ngán. Nếu muốn ăn “semi-chay” thì có thể chọn món này (nếu ăn chay thì chắc phải chấm tương khác hoặc chao).

Tối nay sẵn Sơn đang bị mắc phone, lao vô post recipe cho Linh luôn:

Basic tomato sauce recipe


1 lb ripe tomatoes chopped
1 lb cherry tomatoes halved or quartered
1 yellow or white onion diced
3 cloves of garlic minced
fish sauce
1 tbsp brown sugar (or palm sugar)
~2 tbsp mirukan seasoned rice vinegar (the type for sushi rice)
olive oil
1.5 tsp ketchup
1+ tbsp chinese pickled tuber (the stuffs I sent you)

in a wide sauce pan, coat the bottom with oil and toss in the chopped large tomatoes (don’t add cherry tomatoes yet). Add sugar + vinegar + fishsauce and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Add ketchup and pickled tubers, then add diced onions and cook for about 5 more minutes. Lastly, toss in the cherry tomatoes, minced garlic, and adjust flavor as needed. Simmer for 10 more minutes then turn off the heat. Add pepper & cilantro.


One note: the quality of tomato does matter. I have been making huge batches of tomato sauce this week because I got a 5 lbs bag of early girl tomatoes for $1 and another 5 lbs bag of cherry tomatoes for $1 at Sunday’s farmer’s market in SF. The reason why these tomatoes were dirt cheap was because I came towards the end of the day, and bought the bruised/broken tomatoes. Broken tomatoes = cherry tomatoes that split due to handling or friction or whatever. There’s nothing wrong with them taste-wise, they just need to be eaten fast. Bruised early girl tomatoes are excellent in flavor = juicy, sweet, ripe, but no longer firm in texture. These farmer-market tomatoes are superb. Depends on what type of tomatoes you happen to have on hand, you might have to adjust the sugar amount.

No picture to illustrate the food, but you can see Crippled’s new tail. He’s still very confused right now after 3 days. I saw him chasing his own tail again earlier today. Even Fatty is confused and tried to catch that same tail on Sunday.


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Em vừa lm tối nay xong: chấm bnh phồng tm rau x lch. Biết ngay hỏi chị I sẽ c mn ngon.
Cải muối đ mỗi lần nấu nui em ăn nguyn gi mới thấy đ miệng hihi

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