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December 28, 2007

Posted on: December 28, 2007

và đáng tiếc thay
ngày sinh cuối năm

chỉ thế thôi

Last year I managed a pretty decent shot of Kensington Hills. This year I was aiming for the same view, but there was a huge plumbing truck, the one that connects to the sewer line or something like that. A very ugly truck. So I pointed the camera downward, and there you have it. The bamboo hedge wasn’t there last year. It was put in by father& son next door. You can’t see much besides cracked cement beyond the hedge, but that was the driveway where their truck burned brightly one night in July (or maybe August?) of my 28th year. It’s also the precise spot where the son died, shot in the head, age 24. There’s not much of that left. A few weeks later, the father worked with a different person and added more bamboo plants to the hedge. The bamboo are doing very well now, old and new, as you can see. Not that I was striving for the same effect, but I’ve just realized, upon rereading this paragraph, I’m saying something similar to a poem written by Margaret Atwood. I didn’t think about the young man when I took the picture this morning, but as soon as I loaded it into my computer and looked at it, I saw the missing body. If not anything else accomplished, I have outlived a person younger than me this year.

Son got out early today, so he picked me up from Berkeley Bowl and we went to Cheeseboard together. I wanted to get some of the Gouda cheese that Helen had served us, but I think they ran out. We loaded ourselves with breads, some cheese scones for Les, and pizza. We made a few more stops along the way home: Monterey Fish Market, Monterey Market, Tokyo Fish Market, Yao-ya San Market. I told Son, “The last time I had my birthday on a Friday, you knew me!” Son replied, “No, you forgot to add the leap year.” That was his 2nd reply. His first rely was, “But I already got you a birthday present! It’s the Pepin dvd!”

A day can be very short when you spend it doing nothing. Or if you spend most of it sleeping. My birthday seems pretty short


1 Response to "December 28, 2007"

Hm nọ tnh vo chc mừng chị, thế no m qun mất. Belated birthday wishes!
Năm nay em lu bu từ Christmas tới giờ, ton last minute shopping. Chiều nay em đi 3 chợ mới vơ đủ đồ lm bữa cơm tất nin, đồ của x tm kh m. By giờ vẫn cn đang nấu ăn, tối nay xong xui để mai khỏi phải đụng tới bếp: hi vọng cả năm khng cần nấu m vẫn c đồ ăn hihi.
Happy New Year chị I nh!

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