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Posted on: January 7, 2008

as rare as it sounds, once in a while a kid around here flirts with me. Like today. It’s not as flattering as it sounds. It’s part embarrassing (if I’m convinced the kid is sincere) and part confusing (if I suspect the interest comes from me looking funny in some way or I have a bugger hanging out of my nose). This time it’s Christina’s sweater. She gave it to me, part of the huge hand-me-down pile. I like it – super comfy grandma-looking sort of thing. Definitely not a fashionable item by any standards unless you count grandma’s. I came out to talk to him and his face lit up, saying “Hey, nice sweater!” Hm, ok thanks. “Where did you get it? Did you get it for Christmas?” Yes, yes I did. About your letters, I have already done what you asked us to do, so just go home and wait for it. “Oh wow, you guys are … fast!” Yeah, well, it’s within the promised time frame. “Nice, so… I live in SF, do you think they will reach me soon?” I think so, it was sent by First Class mail, so you’ll probably see your letters by tomorrow, or if not, Wednesday. “So… I should go home and wait for them? I don’t need to be here?” Yes, I think so, unless you want another set, then you will have to pay for that, but the ones in the mail are free so maybe you should just wait. Then the kid just looked at me with his grin. I was waiting for him to thank me, break the eye contact and go away so I can go back to work. But he continued to grin and haltingly repeated himself several times the various questions he had already asked until I just smiled and nodded uh huh. Then the thought came to my head “why is he like this? IS THIS KID TRYING TO FLIRT WITH ME??” (I’m sorry, I’m pretty slow to pick up this sort of thing) So I waved good bye to him and walked away before I turn red or something, that would be embarrassing.

Then I went in and looked down at my sweater to make sure there was nothing obscene that would cause him to be grinning and looked at me in zoom mode like that. A few cookies crumbs was there Shit. I hope it didn’t look like dandruff. So now my hope is that it was because of my glorious hair, which tumbles everywhere over my shoulder in natural wavy locks today that caught the kid’s attention. Or my face (no crumbs, I felt it before I went up). Or something POSITIVE. I need to get a full length mirror to check myself out for traps before seeing clients.

image: those are my coworkers. Yes, my posture tends to be like that when I’m not being forced to look professional. Those are my hot babe office clothes.


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