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Posted on: January 16, 2008

… books. I’m getting bored browsing through the shelves of Albany Public library. Berkeley Public library is more fun. This is probably the last pile coming from Albany.

By the bye, I did finish reading most books from the last pile pictured.
Amy & Isabelle = good
Year of Magical Thinking = good, sad
Fifth Chinese Daughter = good, pleasant (biography of Snow Jade Wong)
An Obedient Father = well written, sordid subject, unlikable characters
Beautiful Mind = absolute bore, gave up after attempting to poop while reading it many times. And by that I mean, when I’m on the toilet, my mind is most receptive to any kind of junk just to pass the time. If the toilet cannot get me through a book, that mean it’s a bad book for me.

From the current pile, I’ve only finished reading Middle Son. The story/writing/characters are forgettable, but I’m learning quite a few things about Hawaiian culture and history, so it’s probably worth it. Currently reading War Trash, so far so good. This is probably going to be another one of those sordid stories…

When I was still in school (high school & college), I used to carry a pile of books about this size with me all the time. My desk used to be so strewn with books that I could get away with doing anything behind them, just because professors couldn’t figure out where I begin and where my mess ends. Of course books borrowed from school libraries were rather boring looking, since all jackets got replaced with some dull-colored hard covers, making them all look like prayer books. Not that I mind, because I could do without the smiles and stares when I entered the BART that one day with a book called “BROTHEL” in huge bold print. Men were the ones who came up to me. Pervs.


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