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8 minutes

Posted on: January 27, 2008

that’s how much I gave the Nodame live action series. 8 minutes of my non-precious time, and it’s already felt wasted. I guess transition from anime expression to live action acting doesn’t sit well with me. Nodame in anime can have weird facial expressions because as a 2-d character, you expect things to be exaggerated. In a drama series, I just can’t deal with all the exaggeration. It’s not just Nodame, but every single character. I have always had difficulties watching live action series, remakes of original anime series.

I also finished watching Ergo Proxy last night – started at episode 16 or something like that, and went all the way to ep. 23. That’s another waste of time. If it wasn’t for the little cute robot girl, I would have given up and gone to sleep. Or if I were sleepy, I would have given up. Another “origin of God” series, what bore. For spring, I grabbed the list from That Anime Blog, and decided to follow Persona (so far so good, I think it’s another mecha type, but as long as they don’t get into the stupid philosophical “origin of man” “origin of God” “origin of sins” sort of nonsense, then I’ll stick around for all the pretty character designs), Gunslinger Girls part 2 (just looked at ep. 1, this show is going down the drain), and… that’s pretty much it. Coincidentally, I found out that Strawberry Marshmallow has a short OAV production, so I looked it up this morning and watched it. That was worth my time. I don’t know why Them Anime Review website say that the girls are 14 years old. They are 12 and 11 at most, because 2 girls are in 6th grade and 2 are in fifth.
also found Sketchbook – live color-S. Seems promising, but the character design is kinda ugly. OK, the characters are just too ugly, I can’t stand the ugliness anymore, though the plot is OK.


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